Majapahit Online is a Facebook game that produced by Anantarupa Studios with the purpose to remind people of Indonesia that 500 years ago we had a great nation in Asia and to promote historical and cultural richness of Indonesia to foreign countries.

Anantarupa Studios theme of Majapahit was not to glorify the past or one tribe only, but to be aware that the Indonesian nation to unite then we can be strong. In the Majapahit was the foundation for the Republic of Indonesia was first planted, when the entire archipelago united to jointly protect the entire archipelago as a whole both on land, sea, and all the resources in it.

Majapahit Online took the story from the viewpoint of today's players who had accidentally thrown back into the past at the time of Majapahit, where living conditions are very different from the historical knowledge he obtained.

In the Majapahit Online, players are invited to follow the story of life in the Majapahit period, experience and know things from the aspect of community life, arts and culture, customs, social life as a state until the maritime life, because once powerful Majapahit famous on land and at sea , and according to records Portuguese, Portuguese cannon itself can not penetrate the walls of Java Jung Jung-sized much larger than the Portuguese ship.
Online Majapahit in-game design and some alternative storytelling where the story line will vary, depending on the active participation and cooperation of each player in determining the choice. Online Majapahit presented with the visual novel genre and a little element of strategies such as Garuda Vyuha Java, Dirada meta, etc..

The first chapter of the story is Senopati Last Online Majapahit, which briefly tells about Singhasari berakhirinya period until the beginning of Majapahit. More complete review of this story has been written in a novel titled Senopati's Last Setyo Wardoyo, which is now available in bookstores Gramedia and Gunung Agung.

In the midst of the high growth rate of overseas games, Anantarupa Studios trying to compete with the nation's present children's work nationally and even internationally, through games of Majapahit Online open beta by the end of July 2011. Anantarupa Studios expect the support and active participation of various parties, especially the government to help the development of the local gaming industry that was driven by a country boy.

Through this game the players expected to take the educational value of this game, learn from the successes and the collapse of Majapahit as a reflection of Indonesia today. As said Ir. Sukarno, "a great nation is a nation that respects its history, the red jacket!" (Do not ever forget history). By learning from past mistakes, we will not repeat the same mistakes in the future.


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Launching July 30th 2011

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