Buat teman-teman yang memainkan game SPIRIT TALES mungkin masih bingung bagaimana membuat Char yang DEWA di SPIRIT TALES. Oleh karena itu saya mencoba mengumpulkan beberapa sumber di internet dan menterjamahkan ke dalam bahasa indonesia agar Gamer semua bisa mengerti Panduan Spirit Tales dan memiliki Character yang lebih Baik alias NO CACAD (Gamer Say), tapi bukan berarti Guide Spirit Tales ini merupakan satu-satunya Panduan yang paling benar karena Character dewa didukung juga dengan equipment yang Dewa juga. Oke langsung saja menuju TKP!!


I/ Pendahuluan
II/ Pemberitahuan
III/ Status
IV/ Skill builds
-----1/ Pilihan Skill 
-----2/ Skill yang di sarankan
V/ Equipments
-----1/ Armors
-----2/ Artifacts and jewelry
-----3/ Sigils
-----4/ weapon choice
-----5/ Pets
VI/ Tips
-----1/ Air combo
-----2/ Titles
-----3/ Couples
-----4/ Panduan Leveling
-----5/ Fighter Tanker
-----6/ Fighter PVP
VII/ Overview Skill Job Ke-2
-----1/ Breaker
-----2/ Marshall
VIII/ Credits
IX/ Afterwords

Fighter adalah salah satu Class yang sangat menyenangkan untuk dimainkan dimana memiliki serangan-serangan mematikan dalam pertempuran jarak dekat atau pun untuk menjadi pelindung sebagai tanker.



Jujur saja untuk saya pribadi saya tidak menyukai build hybrid dengan alasan char setengah-setengah, lebih baik focus untuk attack atau defend.


Pada dasarnya skill Fighter adalah serangan Fisik jika gamer semua ingin bereksperimen silahkan saja dicoba

Status utama yang disarankan adalah STR tetapi terserah Gamer semua untuk memilih status.



1/Opinions on skills

-Jab (available at lv1, Active skill)
A tanker skill, the physical dmg reduction is nice as it lv up, on second job it will comes with a % of block rate during a limited time. (See section on overview of second job skills)
it's useful on PVE for dungeon, useless on PVP.
Since second job isn't out, firstly you have to hit to have the buff, secondly later in the game the fearsome bosses' attacks are magical (excluding lv44 dungeon last boss which physical attacks hurts a lot), there are better skills to spend points over. BUT remember it might change once second job is out (refers to the 2nd job section).
Either it's your main damage skill or it's left at lv1.

-Charge (available at lv1, Active skill)
A stun and damage skill on short cd, who would miss this out?!
PVE or PVP wise, a must have.
The higher lvl charge is the longer the stun is, at least 1 point in this skill is a good investment. Maxing it is a must for PVP and good if you solo dungeons since the stun duration offer you the opportunity of casting all your skills and run away unharmed.

-Strenght training (available at lv1, Passive skill)
A nice maxed passive but useful only beyond lv40 where you have 200+ STR.
It's good but since we have so few skill points, i wouldn't waste 5 points on it, Unless i go full paper DD and still you barely get any good result before lv50.

-Dexterity (available at lv1, Passive skill)
Same as previous passive but on AGI.
Not that good.

-Doggedness (available at lv1, Passive skill)
Must have, not really for the defence but the HP passive is just too good to be left untouched, even for a DD the more HP you have the longer you stay alive. I'd recommend to max it with its upgrades.

-Frenzy (available at lv1, Passive skill)
Unless you build an evasive tanker it'd say leave it at 0, the atk from passive is really too small to invest so many points on it and its upgrades even for a pure DD.

-Whirlwind fist (available at lv8, Active skill)
Get 1 point at least, good for PVE, useless on PVP. range increase after a few lvls. lv7 minimun if considering second job tanker (refers to the 2nd job section).
Note that this skill doesn't need to be put on right click to cast.

-Warcry (available at lv5, Active skill)
Decrease defence for 10s at lv1, useful for air combo (see it in right section), maxing it might be useful for pure tanker, i prefer whirlwind though.
Note that this skill doesn't need to be put on right click to cast.

-War spirit transformation (available at lv10 through a quest, Active skill)
MAX it, mandatory, who doesn't should just desinstall the game.

-Fury wave (available at lv12, require 1 point in Charge, Active skill)
Useless since we have Charge to get close to a target.
Must reconsiderate when 2nd job is out. (refers to the 2nd job section)

-Challenge (available at lv10, Active skill)
AOE taunt, it resets aggro whatever the damage the main DD does or the heals from healer (healing aggro monsters), activating this skill gives you aggro, 1 point for that since in dungeon you need to keep aggro on boss and mobs considering you're the main tanker. PVE only, necessary for tanker.
Note that this skill doesn't need to be put on right click to cast.

-Mental clarity (available at lv10, Passive skill)
Luck % bonus... for DD only and still not sure that worth something with our limited amount of skill points.

-Concussive strike (available at lv16, Active skill)
Even 1 point invested is nice 30% to triple dmg is wow, i like this skill alot even for a tanker it makes grinding and soloing boss a piece of cake, you can avoid it though, matter of preference.
PVP-PVE it's a must imho.

-Attack Aura (available at lv15, Passive skill)
Increase physical and magical critical hit Value.
Useless for tanker so 0 point, must for DD so max.

-Acceleration (available at lv15, Passive skill)
Increase attack speed VALUE by a %.
Not very useful, you're not a sin, there are better skills to invest in than this one.

-Innate Awareness (available at lv15, Passive skill)
3 point invested to get 15% resistance in all kind, it's a must to me, resistance is useful for PVE and PVP to reduce magic damage, i'd max it.

-Iron soul (available at lv15, Active skill Party Buff)
10% more hp at lv1, i'd recommend 1 point at least, it benefits all your teamates as well.
You can max it, matter of preference.

-Mistwalk (available at lv15, Passive skill)
Only nice for DD that has high dodge rate, i'd max it only if i were a... sin... matter of preference for DD fighter with AGI-dodge build.

-Battering punch (available at lv20, require 1 point in Concussive strike, Active skill)
AOE in a cone with no other effect... whirlwind is better, it's an useless skill.
To reconsiderate for 2nd job. (refers to the 2nd job section).

-Concentrate (available at lv20, Active skill Party Buff)
Increase your and your teamates' physical and magical critical hit RATE, 1 point for tanker, max for DD.

-Skill master (available at lv20, Passive skill)
Unless you build a magic fighter, leave it to 0.

-Exercise (available at lv20, Passive skill)
Increase SPR, decrease the critical hit you suffer.
tanker passive, 0 or max, matter of preference.

-Feather steps (available at lv20, Passive skill)
Exercise movement speed. I like it but it's a matter of preference.
To max if you like kitting boss like a pro or simply run fast.

-Persistence (available at lv21, require 5 point in Doggedness, Passive skill)
Max it if you maxed Doggedness.

-Wrath (available at lv21, require 5 point in Frenzy, Passive skill)
Max it if you maxed Frenzy.

-Block strategy (available at lv30, Passive skill)
Increase your block VALUE, max it IF you're a tank using sword +5 and have a STR fighter tanker built around block over dodge and defence. Matter of preference.

-Sword mastery (available at lv30, Passive skill)
If you're a sword DD, consider maxing it, matter of preference.

-Way of the fists (available at lv30, Passive skill)
If you're a glove DD, consider maxing it, matter of preference.

-Resolution (available at lv41, require 5 point in Persistence, Passive skill)
Max it if you maxed Doggedness and Persistence.

-Fury (available at lv41, require 5 point in Wrath, Passive skill)
Max it if you maxed Frenzy and Wrath.

2. Skill yang disarankan


-Doggedness, Persistence, Resolution MAX
-1 point : charge
-1 points : whirlwind untuk tujuan dungeon 
-Jab atau concussive strike MAX, untuk 1vs1 
-1 point : Iron soul
-1 point : Concentrate
-1 point : Challenge
-1 point : Warcry untuk air combo 
- Innate awareness MAX
-War spirit MAX


-Doggedness, Persistence, Resolution MAX 
-Charge MAX
-Concussive strike MAX
-1 points in whirlwind untuk dungeon purpose (Jika Ingin solo dungeons)
-1 point in Iron soul
-Concentrate MAX
-Attack aura MAX
-Innate awareness MAX
-War spirit MAX


------------------1/ Armors
Di level 30++, Prioritaskan pada perlengkapan STR-AGI-SPR/LCK, baik set armor warna biru atau orange.
Carilah armor dengan pilihan efek untuk bertahan (Def), Healing, Evasion (hidaran)

Charging set level 40 (Drop di level 38 assembly grounds dan  level 41 spirit pagoda dungeon)
Dual shield set level45 (arena blueprint, NPC arena trader sebelah AH NPC di frost forest)

Pada level 30++, Prioritaskan pada perlengkapan STR-AGI-LCK , baik set armor warna biru atau orange.
Carilah armor dengan pilihan efek hit rate, physical Crit hit dan damage rate dan %

Bloodthirsty set level 40 (Drop di level 38 assembly grounds dan level 41 spirit pagoda dungeon)
Homdop set level 45 (arena blueprint, NPC arena trader sebelah AH NPC di frost forest)

Disamping itu Gamer semua dapat menggunakan Fashion, hijau dan biru fashion akan memberikan bonus tambahan, Fashion warna putih tidak memberikan efek tambahan hanya terlihat mahal :)
------------------2/ Artifact dan jewelry

Ruin guardian defence

Broken command sword

Untuk  level 40-45 didapatkan dengan cara hunting  atau membeli dari player lain
seperti Headwolf tooth atau Ancient call

Pilihlah Jewele]ry sesui kebutuhan misal untuk pve atau pvp.

cara mudah untuk mendapatkan jewelry adalah dari Quest "battlegrounds daily quest" (tersedia di N°"X" Drill Sergeant )

Tanker  level 30 : giant lion ring, level 35 evilbeast ring, level25 rainbow necklace atau  level 40 Guardian necklace.



Necklace : Guardian necklace lv40
Ring1 : Ocean Etch ring lv40
Ring2 : Evilbeast ring lv35
Artefact : Headwolf Tooth (lv45 fighter), Ancient Call (lv45 fighter), Ruin Guardian Defence (lv30 fighter)


Necklace : Source of battle lv40/ Evil Axe necklace lv35
Ring1 : Silver Leon's ring lv40
Ring2 : Evilbeast ring lv35
Artefact : Headwolf Tooth (lv45 fighter), Red Jade Tattoo (lv40 archer)

------------------3/ Sigils

Pilihlah sigils dengan efek:
 %HP, %passive healing, % STR, %parry, %dodge, %AGI, %spirit, %aggression, %defence, %X resistance

 Pilihlah sigils dengan efek:
%attack, %attack speed, %STR, %AGI, %LCK, %physical crit rate, %physical crit dmg, % combo rate, %HP (no particular order, choice is always and must be yours).

Sigils yang disarankan untuk Tanker

-"Attacking Place" sigil (head) : +5% attack menggunakan sword
"Violent beast" sigil (head) : +5% attack menggunakan gloves
-"Life" sigil (body) : 4% max hp
"Shield" sigil (body) : +25% ability to rebound physical damage
-"Whirl" sigil (hands) : +7% menambah damage whirlwind fist
"block" sigil (hands) : +4% parry
-"Super Square" sigil (waist) : +20% STR tranformed to parry
"Super Speed" sigil (waist) : +20% STR transformed to dodge
"Recovery" sigil (waist) : +6% passive healing
-" Polar Speed" sigil (feet) : +4% mov speed
" Protection" sigil (feet) : +4% defence 
"Flash Speed" sigil (feet) : +3% dodge rate
-untuk senjata pilih sigil giving +5% damage tambahan 

------------------ 4 / Senjata pilihan

Untuk Wepon masih dalam perdebatan silahkan pilih sendiri senjata apa yang ingin gamer Gunakan:


-better inate attack speed
-better base damage
-more agi and luck 
-+5 gives STR, +8 gives crit rate, +10 gives HP and % of activating combo effect


-spirit instead of luck
-gives resist (parry for block rate)
-+5 gives 5% parry/block VALUE, +8 gives 20% chance when attacked to rebound 10% dmg you suffer, +10 gives defence and HP
-you wear a small shield like a real tanker! (which doesn't gives anything else apart his presence on you character sigh )

To be continue... Capek ngetik dilanjut nanti... :(

Sumber: Black Rabbit
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